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Home for T-shirt Quilts, tote bags, quilted purses and duffle bags!

As our name implies, we have an interest in running and sewing! My dad has been an avid runner and collected over 30 years of t-shirts, when I came upon a pattern for a t-shirt quilt. By turning his hard-earned shirts into a lasting commerative quilt, I knew I had found my new passion. As a runner and a triathlete myself, I know that you become very attached to those shirts and see them as your reward for hours and hours of training and hard work!

Through the years, many friends have entrusted me with these beloved t-shirts to turn them into their own "quilts  of honor". I would like to provide that same service to you - whether it is athletic accomplishments, Greek, travel, high-school or team sports we can turn your t-shirts into a beautiful display. We think you will find that we care as much for your t-shirts as you do.

T-shirt quilts make wonderful graduation, birthday, Christmas and anniversary gifts.

Items we can turn into quilts

*Baby Clothes
*Baby Blankets